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Inflatable Kayak Rentals

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Inflatable Kayak Rentals

Single or Double Kayak Rentals

Want to get out on the water and enjoy a river or lake? Stop in for your Inflatable Kayak Rental and experience an alpine lake or the adrenaline of your own whitewater kayak trip. An inflatable kayak allows you to literally sit down in the water and experience a tranquil lake or the adventure of the river giving you more control and excitement. Have fun maneuvering your own kayak and creating your water adventure.  

We carry both flat water (lake) inflatable kayaks and river specific inflatable kayaks.  

Want your own inflatable kayak? We specialize in inflatable kayak sales, both new and used.  

All rentals include a single or double kayak, pump, and paddle.


  • Single Inflatable Kayak Price

    • $35/day (1-2 days)
    • $32/day (3+ days)
    • $30/day (5+ days)

  • Double Inflatable Kayak Price

    • $50/day (1-2 days)
    • $45/day (3+ days)
    • $40/day (5+ days)

  • Extras

    • PFD/Life Jacket: $5
    • Helmet: $5
    • Water Booties: $5
    • Wetsuit and Booties: $12

  • Included

    • Kayak
    • Pump
    • Paddle


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