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River Tube Rentals

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River Tube Rentals

Medium and Heavy Duty Tubes Available

Low water giving you the blues? Forget the raft and grab a River Tube Rental! Fun for the whole family. Tubing on the Animas River in Durango is a great time especially when taking along a lunch and stopping for a picnic.  

Our river tube rentals are only offered during lower water on the Animas River. Smelter Rapids in the Whitewater Park is for experienced boaters only and tubing is not recommended. The water is very cold even in the summer.

We offer two types of river tube rentals. Our medium duty tubes are made of vinyl and have a headrest for comfort. Our new Rocktabomb tubes are made from the same material (PVC) as our commercial rafts. They are heavy duty and very durable!


Be Safe! It is recommended that river users wear a Coast Guard Approved life vest. Secure foot gear is also recommended.  

Be Prepared. Weather and water conditions can change rapidly in any season. Have appropriate clothing and secure footwear. A hat and sunglasses are recommended. Use. sunscreen and chapstick. Bring along plenty of water.  

Be Careful. You may encounter rocks, logs, man-made obstacles, and possible currents. Know your limits and be a strong swimmer. Scout unfamiliar waters and portage if necessary.

Please Remember: No open containers of alcohol, no glass containers, pack out all trash and dispose in a proper receptacle, respect private property and do not trespass, Be polite and courteous to others on and near the river. When approaching anglers, move away to the opposite side of the river to pass by. Practice Leave-No-Trace techniques  

For Tubing Transportation: The Main Avenue Trolley offers transportation for a nominal fee. Park at the Transit Center or Schneider Park and take the Trolley to the Recreation Center with a deflated tube. River users can walk a short distance to the river. For a Transit schedule, please visit the Transit webpage. At the Recreation Center put-in, you will find a pump station to fill your tube up for free! Float the Animas River to 9th Street river access to take-out. Your car is only a block away.

  • Price

    • Medium Duty Tube with Headrest: $15
    • Heavy Duty Rocktabomb Tube: $20

  • Extras

    • PFD Rental (Life Jacket) $5
    • Water Shoe Rentals $5


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