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southwest raft and jeep white water rafting

How to Dress For Your Fall Rafting Trip

southwest raft and jeep white water rafting
Even as we approach fall weather, rafting in cooler temperatures is possible. Because of the risk of hypothermia, though, you should always be aware of how to dress appropriately for cold weather rafting.

As the weather gets colder, you may think that it’s impossible to embark on a great rafting trip.  But rafting is a year-round sport, when you wear the right clothing and bring the right equipment.  Even as we approach fall weather, rafting in cooler temperatures is possible.  Because of the risk of hypothermia, though, you should always be aware of how to dress appropriately for cold weather rafting.  To make sure you’re prepared, read on.

What NOT to Wear

There are several articles of clothing that you should never wear when you go rafting with us.  This includes:

  • Inappropriate footwear; this would be shoes such as crocs, flip-flops, or shoes that don’t fit you well
  • Jewelry; specifically, any kind of jewelry that could cause a safety hazard, such as long necklaces or earrings
  • Heavy clothing; it may be tempting to wear some kind of sweatshirt or winter coat, but this is going to impede your ability to move in the water and could weigh you down
  • Cotton; this material holds water the longest and will make you much colder when on the water, which puts you at a higher risk for hypothermia
  • Inappropriate safety gear; we will provide you with lifejackets that are meant for water sports, because general use lifejackets are not always designed with rapids in mind

What You Should ALWAYS Wear

When rafting in cold weather, there are specific ways you should always dress in order to protect yourself from the dangers of hypothermia.  They are as follows:

  • Appropriate footwear; wear shoes that are meant for watersports, or for river use, making sure they stay on your feet at all times
  • Layered clothing; a base layer of waterproof synthetic fabric, underneath a layer of river clothes, underneath a layer of microfleece, underneath a splash jacket to keep water away.  While it seems like a lot, it allows you to shed your layers as weather conditions vary throughout the day
  • Socks; wearing fleece or wool socks can keep your feet warm during colder weather
  • Wool hat; again, this material is perfect for staying warm, even in the chilled water

Ready for your fall rafting trip? Book with Southwest Raft & Jeep!

The water of the Animas River can get seriously cold, even during the summer; the water comes from a higher elevation.  Remember, you can see snow on the tops of mountains in the middle of July!  This means you can get hypothermia if you’re underdressed.  Ask us more about what you can wear to protect yourself, but generally, any local sports store will have what you need.  Think quick-drying clothes, closed-toed shoes, and long sleeves.  And apply sunscreen liberally!  Sunburn can happen quickly at high elevations.

Ready to book your trip?  Call Southwest Raft & Jeep today!

We’re experts when it comes to whitewater rafting.  There’s no better place in Durango, Colorado, from which to rent.  We’ll keep you safe, secure and make sure you’re having the best rafting experience ever!

To reserve your rafting trip, or to find out more information about our adventure packages and other exciting outdoor services, please contact us today at 970-259-8313 or swing into our main officelocated at 305 S. Camino Del Rio, Suite V in the Office Depot Complex.

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