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2020 Raft Guide School!

Colorado Guide School, Basic – $325.00 Advanced – $695.00

Basic Guide School – Join us May 11th – 18th, 2020 or June 1st – June 8th for our annual Raft Guide School! While this course is primarily for individuals looking to become a raft guide we do train those who have their own watercraft and are looking to expound on their skill set. Once the course is completed you will be Colorado State certified to guide clients on Class III rivers within Colorado.

The course is 50 hours in length and conducted on the Class III Lower Animas River. After the initial Guide course is completed we will spend a day on the Class IV Piedra River! Please remember that if you are seeking employment as a raft guide you need to show up every day with your game face on as guide school is one continuously long interview and assessment. All potential raft guides are responsible for completing a CPR/First Aid class on their own, preferably prior to guide school, but definitely before working as a guide.

During training you will be provided with a personal flotation device (PFD), helmet, wetsuit, splash gear, and all necessary river gear. You are responsible for all meals (although we usually have a cook-out for lunch twice during the week). You will need to bring a hat, sunscreen, your own water bottle, and a bathing suit to go under the wetsuit. Additional warm layers of clothing are recommended as we will be in cold water. Our day begins at 8 am and we usually finish between 5-6 pm.
Advanced Guide School – May 11th – 21st.  Complete our Basic Guide school (May 11th – May 18th) and then attend the Swiftwater Rescue portion on May 19th – May 21st) with our friends at Southwest Rescue.

To sign up for Guide School click here. Please call us at 970-259-8313 or send an email to swrj1430@gmail.com with any additional questions.Whitewater Rafting in Durango


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