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March 2016

How much do you know about the beautiful city that is Durango, Colorado? Last week, we told you about how the name Durango itself is derived from the Basque word “Urango,” which means “water town.” Aside from being home to Southwest Raft and Jeep, the Animas River, and countless adventure seekers - Durango is filled with rich history and fun facts. Let us elaborate. Durango Food Lovers Unite Do you like food? Of course you do. Did you know that there are

Did you know that the name of the city Durango originates from the Basque word “Urango,” which translates to “water town”? If there is one thing luring adventure enthusiasts to Durango, it is the opportunity to raft and kayak through the Animas River. Know the origin of the name Animas River?  Spanish explorer Juan Maria De Rivera of Sante Fe led an expedition through the area in 1765 and coined the “Rio de Las Animas,” which in English translates to

Can you believe that winter is almost officially over? In just a few short days on March 20, we happily welcome the First Day of Spring. As the weather warms up and the bright days grow longer, you will have countless opportunities to enjoy life outdoors. Is a rafting trip in Durango, Colorado on your to-do list? You’re in luck! Southwest Raft and Jeep is here with a few tips that will make rafting in Durango a lively and safe

The unexplainable beauty of Colorado is truly something you need to see and take in for yourself - which is why it should come as no surprise that Colorado attracts countless visitors from near and afar regularly. If you are a visitor who is arriving by plane (or by rickety vehicle) it is a good idea to have a transportation plan in place that allows you to enjoy safely explore Colorado in all of its glory. Your best bet? Renting

Did you know that Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) is the fastest growing water sport in the world? In case you didn’t know, SUP is a hybrid of surfing and kayaking. Except, unlike surfing, you don’t need any waves to enjoy it - that’s right, calm open waters will do! And unlike kayaking, you aren’t sitting down. It is a fun yet calming full body workout. If you are a first timer, don’t be nervous. Southwest Raft and Jeep is here