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stand up paddling sup in colorado

8 Tips to Master the Stand Up Paddle Board Experience

stand up paddling (SUP) in Colorado

Don’t be afraid to hop onto that stand up paddle board for the first time – you can do it!

Did you know that Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) is the fastest growing water sport in the world? In case you didn’t know, SUP is a hybrid of surfing and kayaking. Except, unlike surfing, you don’t need any waves to enjoy it – that’s right, calm open waters will do! And unlike kayaking, you aren’t sitting down. It is a fun yet calming full body workout. If you are a first timer, don’t be nervous. Southwest Raft and Jeep is here with some tips to help you ease into it.

Tips for Mastering the Stand Up Paddle Board

The tips below are sure to help you conquer the waters whether it’s your first time on a SUP or you’re a seasoned adventurer. And remember, don’t be afraid to get wet!

  • Wear Sunscreen: When you are standing up on a paddleboard, your entire body is exposed to the sun. In addition, the sun reflects off the surface of the water and back onto your skin. Protect yourself from those UV rays!
  • Dress Properly: If you are worried about getting sunburn, consider wearing a long sleeve shirt or wetsuit when you hit the water. Generally, a t-shirt, tank top, comfortable shorts or a swimsuit is ideal attire.
  • Wear CHEAP Sunglasses: A SUP is not the ideal place to rock your new Ray-Ban sunglasses. Wear sunglasses that you are okay with the idea of potentially losing, or get rubber sport straps to hang onto the ones you do like.
  • Wear a PFD: PFD = Personal flotation device. At Southwest Raft and Jeep, we will provide you with this when you rent a SUP from us since it is essential to your safety.
  • Can’t Swim? Don’t Fear The Water: If you are under the impression that you have to be an advanced swimmer to enjoy a SUP, you are wrong. Your SUP is inflatable, as well as your life vest (adding extra protection). If you are scared, just stay in shallow waters!
  • Don’t Forget Footwear: Your need for footwear depends mainly on the texture of the beach you will be on. Unless you are entering completely smooth and sandy surfaces, you can’t go wrong with implementing proper footwear or water socks. With us, you can rent a wetsuit and booties with your SUP rental for $12.
  • Stay Hydrated: Before you hit the waters, make sure to drink plenty of water or pack some with you to stay hydrated.
  • Beach Gear: Bring all of the essential things you would to the beach for a day trip, including a towel, change of clothes, extra sunscreen and water.

Ready to SUP? Contact Southwest Raft and Jeep Today!

Call us at (970) 259-8313 to reserve your SUP today! Southwest Raft and Jeep has also partnered with other outdoor professionals in order to offer you adventure packages to include a raft trip with either a zipline tour or Jeep rental. If you have any questions about our adventure packages or any of our exciting outdoor services, please contact us today or swing into our main office located at 305 S. Camino Del Rio, Suite V in the Office Depot Complex.

Please take note of our cancellation and refund policy: All reservations are required to be paid in full at the time of booking. Any reservation cancelled with at least 72 hours notice will receive a 90% refund. Any reservation canceled with less than 72 hours notice will not receive a refund. No calls/no shows will not be issued refunds.

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