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How to Prepare for Your Zipline Trip

zipline prepare

Ziplining is a special kind of fun, that requires energy and excitement. Often, it includes elements that people don’t normally expect.

If you’re getting ready to go ziplining, you may feel like you can’t be prepared enough, especially if you don’t normally do adventure sports.  Ziplining is a special kind of fun, that requires energy and excitement.  Often, it includes elements that people don’t normally expect.  To make sure that you’re prepared for all the surprises that ziplining entails, read on!

Wear the right clothes.

There isn’t a special ziplining suit you’ll need to bring, or anything–but you still need to be conscious of what you’re wearing.  Be aware that you’ll be wearing a harness, and your entire weight will be supported on that.  Short shorts probably aren’t a good idea.  Be wary of wearing a tank top, because your shoulders will be exposed to not only the elements, but shoulder straps that could irritate your skin.  Ideally, you should be wearing loose-fitting shorts and a t-shirt, so you’re keeping cool and staying practical.

Get ready for a long day.

Ziplining is not a sport to take lightly–you’ll be hiking and rafting with us.  This takes a lot of energy and time.  Of course, it’s exciting and phenomenal.  Just be sure to eat well the night before, and sneak in a good breakfast in the morning.  Also, get plenty of sleep!  You don’t want to be on the verge of nodding off when you need to be vigilant about your safety.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

We aren’t expecting you to understand everything about ziplining on your first try.  Realistically, you may need to ask questions and review the process before you feel comfortable.  That’s okay!  If you want to come prepared with questions to ask our staff, we encourage that.  Above everything, this is a learning experience, and the quality of your ziplining trip is going to come from how confident you felt.

Bring closed-toe shoes.

Because you’ll also be rafting, you may choose to wear water-appropriate shoes.  This is fine, as long as those shoes are closed-toe and will not fly off your feet when you get into the air on a zipline.  Do not wear flip-flops.  Just like you wouldn’t wear them on a roller coaster, you won’t be wearing them on a zipline.  Also, with all the hiking you’ll be doing, you want shoes that are comfortable and versatile.

Ready to book your ziplining and rafting trip?

In addition to all of the incredible services we offer, Southwest Raft and Jeep has partnered with other outdoor professionals in order to offer you adventure packages to include a raft trip with either a Zipline tour or Jeep rental. If you have any questions about our adventure packages or any of our exciting outdoor services, please contact us today at 970-259-8313 or swing into our main office located at 305 S. Camino Del Rio, Suite V in the Office Depot Complex.. Don’t be shy!

Please take note of our cancellation and refund policy: All reservations are required to be paid in full at the time of booking. Any reservation cancelled with at least 72 hours notice will receive a 90% refund. Any reservation canceled with less than 72 hours notice will not receive a refund. No calls/no shows will not be issued refunds.

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