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We Offer a Fun Twist on River Exploration

river surfing

Surfing is one of the lesser-known ways to travel down rivers.

Surfing.  When you hear that word, you probably think of the ocean and huge swells of water.  While it is true that surfing is popular on beaches, you can surf on rivers, too.  Paddle boarding is one of the lesser-known ways to travel down rivers.  Southwest Raft & Jeep provides rentals for these boards–let us walk you through why you should consider a river surfing trip this summer.

A board for every style

We offer three different board types that will get you down the river in fun, interesting ways.  The first, dubbed the Sesh, is meant to travel in thrilling style.  It’s also meant specifically for playtime.  If you’re looking for a fun day out on the water with your friends, the Sesh is going to be your best bet.  

The Mongo is another one of our rentals, and is ideal for more intense surfing.  The primary purpose of the Mongo is to ride it down the river and to surf the waves once you arrive at your destination. Its long design is built to cut through waves, shred white water, and provide a sharp turn for more snakey rivers.

The Flow, from Red Paddle Company, is our third rental board.  It’s inflatable, which means it’s perfect for those who cannot travel with a board rack on their car, and need easy transportation.  You won’t have to worry about durability or strength when you use this board, and you can be assured it will give you the best performance.

Why river surfing?

Taking a board to the rapids can be far more rewarding than ocean surfing.  You get to decide how big or how small of a rapid you’re willing to take on–and you don’t have to spend time waiting and wishing for the perfect wave.  Almost everything about river surfing is customizable; the river, the rapids…and you can even choose how you paddle.  You don’t always have to stand up and surf like you’re on the ocean.  You can paddle any way you want, and it’s totally up to you.

Come down and rent from Southwest Raft & Jeep.

With our board selection, renting with us is a rewarding experience.  We know what our customers want in terms of how they surf, and we’ll give you the proper equipment to do it.  

In addition to all of the incredible services we offer, Southwest Raft and Jeep has partnered with other outdoor professionals in order to offer you adventure packages to include a raft trip with either a Zipline tour or Jeep rental. If you have any questions about our adventure packages or any of our exciting outdoor services, please contact us today at 970-259-8313 or swing into our main office located at 305 S. Camino Del Rio, Suite V in the Office Depot Complex. Don’t be shy!

Please take note of our cancellation and refund policy: All reservations are required to be paid in full at the time of booking. Any reservation cancelled with at least 72 hours notice will receive a 90% refund. Any reservation canceled with less than 72 hours notice will not receive a refund. No calls/no shows will not be issued refunds.

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