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August 2016

Ziplining probably seems most popular in movies and video games, when the main character effortlessly slides across a cable suspended in the air.  But the history of ziplining has a strong basis in reality.  There are over 200 recreational ziplines in North America, so they’re popular enough that we should know a little about the history.  Read on, and you may find some pretty interesting facts about the art of ziplining!

Now that the rain has subsided, and river levels have gone down, it is prime time to break out the tubes and glide down the river.  We talk a lot on this blog about more extreme sports, like kayaking or whitewater rafting, but there are also other less intensive ways to enjoy the water on a hot summer day.  Summer’s on its tail end, and you need to get out there to explore river tubing before the fall starts to

Whitewater rafting is, to the untrained eye, a sport for adrenaline junkies.  Many people will hear the term and run, claiming many reasons why they simply can’t do it.  There are a lot of myths surrounding whitewater rafting that give it an odd reputation, and when we hear these rumors, we shoot them down immediately.  But to save you the trouble, here are five myths about whitewater rafting you may mistakenly believe.