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Now that the rain has subsided, and river levels have gone down, it is prime time to break out the tubes and glide down the river.  We talk a lot on this blog about more extreme sports, like kayaking or whitewater rafting, but there are also other less intensive ways to enjoy the water on a hot summer day.  Summer’s on its tail end, and you need to get out there to explore river tubing before the fall starts to

Rafting has a certain kind of charm that comes with teamwork, a bumpy ride, and being exposed to the elements.  If you’ve ever been rafting, you know that it’s absolutely thrilling to head down a river while you try your best not to capsize.  But did you know you can make the whitewater experience even more exciting?  Getting up close and personal with the water is entirely possible when you travel down the river in an inflatable kayak.  It’s the

Surfing.  When you hear that word, you probably think of the ocean and huge swells of water.  While it is true that surfing is popular on beaches, you can surf on rivers, too.  Paddle boarding is one of the lesser-known ways to travel down rivers.  Southwest Raft & Jeep provides rentals for these boards--let us walk you through why you should consider a river surfing trip this summer.