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You probably don’t think about your health when you consider a white water rafting trip.  You’re probably more concerned with safety, than anything else!  Here at Southwest Raft & Jeep, we can assure you that we offer the safest rafting trips in Colorado.  But we can also tell you some awesome benefits that come along with white water rafting--did you know this amazing adventure sport is also excellent for your health?

Surfing.  When you hear that word, you probably think of the ocean and huge swells of water.  While it is true that surfing is popular on beaches, you can surf on rivers, too.  Paddle boarding is one of the lesser-known ways to travel down rivers.  Southwest Raft & Jeep provides rentals for these boards--let us walk you through why you should consider a river surfing trip this summer.

If you’re getting ready to go ziplining, you may feel like you can’t be prepared enough, especially if you don’t normally do adventure sports.  Ziplining is a special kind of fun, that requires energy and excitement.  Often, it includes elements that people don’t normally expect.  To make sure that you’re prepared for all the surprises that ziplining entails, read on!

Here in Colorado, many residents bask in the convenience and beauty of outdoor living. Whether you’re embarking on a local river rafting trip, hitting the trails for a mid-day hike, or ziplining through the treetops, one thing is for certain – you are harnessing various health benefits along the way (and not just in terms of exercise). Let us enlighten you about a few surprising proven benefits associated with spending time outdoors.

Are you ready to hit the waters after reading last week’s post about how to prepare for a San Juan river trip? If you weren’t interested in the San Juan river, we offered suggestions to other popular local rivers you might like including the Piedra River, Animas River, Dolores River, Chama River, West Water, Cataract Canyon, The Grand Canyon, Dinosaur National Monument via the Green and Yampa Rivers, and Desolation and Gray Canyons via the Green River.

Just because you don’t own your own raft, it doesn’t mean you can’t hop on the river for a rafting adventure! At Southwest Raft and Jeep, we are excited to announce that we are now renting out rafts and gear for both single day and multi-day trips – because let’s face it, sometimes one day on the river just isn’t enough. Let’s explore what you can expect when rafting on the San Juan River and touch on some other local

As the weather begins to warm up here in Durango, you may feel less inclined to wear a wetsuit or drysuit out on the water. However, wetsuits and drysuits protect us from far more than cold water and we still consider them necessary this time of year. Right now, the Animas River water is bustling along at only about 38° to 42° F. Did you know that water temperatures below 70° F can lead to hypothermia? Southwest Raft and Jeep

How much do you know about the beautiful city that is Durango, Colorado? Last week, we told you about how the name Durango itself is derived from the Basque word “Urango,” which means “water town.” Aside from being home to Southwest Raft and Jeep, the Animas River, and countless adventure seekers - Durango is filled with rich history and fun facts. Let us elaborate. Durango Food Lovers Unite Do you like food? Of course you do. Did you know that there are

Did you know that the name of the city Durango originates from the Basque word “Urango,” which translates to “water town”? If there is one thing luring adventure enthusiasts to Durango, it is the opportunity to raft and kayak through the Animas River. Know the origin of the name Animas River?  Spanish explorer Juan Maria De Rivera of Sante Fe led an expedition through the area in 1765 and coined the “Rio de Las Animas,” which in English translates to

Can you believe that winter is almost officially over? In just a few short days on March 20, we happily welcome the First Day of Spring. As the weather warms up and the bright days grow longer, you will have countless opportunities to enjoy life outdoors. Is a rafting trip in Durango, Colorado on your to-do list? You’re in luck! Southwest Raft and Jeep is here with a few tips that will make rafting in Durango a lively and safe